CBS Producer, Jack Sussman and wife, Jody Visit The Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum


Jack Sussman and his wife, Jody, visited The Musicians Hall of Fame on Wednesday, August 23rd. Sussman serves as the Executive Vice President, Specials, Music and Live Events for CBS Entertainment. They were treated to a private tour with Museum Founder and CEO, Joe Chambers. Pictured are, L to R, Joe and Linda Chambers, Jody […]

Latest Acquisition: Jimi Hendrix Experience Drum Kit

The Musicians Hall Of Fame is proud to announce one of our latest acquisition’s, The 1967 Silver Sparkle Ludwig drum kit belonging to Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell. This was Mitchell‘s favorite set of drums and was used on countless concerts and recording sessions. They can be seen on YouTube at the Miami Pop Festival as well […]

Elvis Recorded Here

Elvis Recorded Here

(Transcribed from the video below) I’ve often been asked, “What’s your favorite exhibit in the museum?” It’s impossible to give you an honest answer on that. There is however, one unique exhibit that we have that, I can tell you, every time I see it, I really can’t believe that we have it. That’s the […]

A Message About Tom Petty by Joe Chambers


A Message About Tom Petty by Joe Chambers I was trying to digest what I was seeing coming out of Las Vegas. I still am. I didn’t think that I could hear anything that would add anymore grief to such a sad situation. Then I saw on Facebook that Tom Petty had passed away. I […]

How to Move a Recording Studio

How to Move a Recording Studio

How to Move a Recording Studio by Joe Chambers Well, you could build your museum around the studio or disassemble the studio piece by piece, rebuilding it in the confines of the museum. The other option, which is what we chose, is to acquire Brian Ahern’s Enactron recording studio trailer and a very talented truck […]

Coming Soon : Santana Drum Set from Woodstock

Michael Shrieve – 1967 Ludwig Drum Set

This is Joe Chambers, founder & curator of the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville Tennessee. Lots of people ask if it is just country music that we feature in the Museum? The answer is no. We cover as many different genres of music as possible through iconic instruments that were used on thousands of […]