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How to Move a Recording Studio by Joe Chambers

Well, you could build your museum around the studio or disassemble the studio piece by piece, rebuilding it in the confines of the museum. The other option, which is what we chose, is to acquire Brian Ahern’s Enactron recording studio trailer and a very talented truck driver who can back it through some extremely tight spots into your existing museum.

If you don’t know Brian, as a producer, he has had a stellar career producing such artists as Anne Murray (Snowbird), George Jones, (George Jones and Friends album), Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, Johnny Cash & Roy Orbison to name a few.

In the early 70’s Brian had an idea to turn a tractor trailer into a portable self contained recording studio. After acquiring the trailer, Brian lined the inside with a thin lead material to eliminate outside radio interference and proceeded to build a state of the art recording studio for its time. You could use Brian’s studio as simply a control room, pulling it up to most any venue and record live concerts, or turn someone’s house or barn into a recording studio, simply running mics from the Enactron studio into the structure of your choice.
At least 40 gold and/or platinum albums were recorded using this studio. Over the past 4 decades artists as diverse as Black Sabbath to Willie Nelson (the Stardust Album) recorded using the Enactron trailer.

This extremely cool and historic recording studio will be permanently open to the public to tour in the very near future as part of the upcoming unveiling of the Curb Gallery, at the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum. Other exhibits to be highlighted in the new Curb Gallery include a Jimi Hendrix Room and Mike Curb’s Johnny Cash Exhibit, consisting of items acquired from the original House of Cash Museum, which were owned and managed by the Cash family up until Johnny’s passing.

Joe Chambers, Founder, Curator & CEO
Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum

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  1. I was so delighted to meet Joe the day I was there. He took me into the Hendrix exhibit before it opened. Some with the trailer. I tell anyone going to Nashville that they must visit. The Stone’s exhibit was there also.
    Thanks Joe

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