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Curb Gallery at Musicians Hall Of Fame


Governor Alexander asked Mike Curb, Founder of Curb Records, producer, songwriter, musician and arranger to buy as much of Johnny Cash’s House Of Cash Museum as possible to keep Johnny’s artifacts in Nashville after his passing in 2003. Mike honored the Governor’s wishes and has placed a number of those items on permanent exhibit at the Musicians Hall of Fame.

Along with Curb’s Johnny Cash collection, The Musicians Hall of Fame has also added to the Curb Gallery a permanent Jimi Hendrix exhibit.  It covers Jimi’s story from his hometown of Seattle, to Nashville, then New York.  This exhibit houses Jimi’s and Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell’s clothing, pictures  and historic instruments including the actual stage that Hendrix and Army buddy and bassist Billy Cox performed on while living here in Nashville during the early 1960’s in Printers Alley.

Other exhibits in the new Curb Gallery is the historic Enactron Mobile Recording Studio, built in 1972 used to record over 40 Gold and Platinum Records from artists like Willie Nelson, Black Sabbath, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, George Jones and many others. There is also a Credence Clearwater Revival Band exhibit featuring CCR Bassist Stu Cook’s 1969 Kay Stand up bass used to record the hit record “Green River” and John Fogerty’s 1980 Washburn Falcon guitar used to record the hit record’s “Centerfield” and “Old Man Down The Road” as well as used during his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction and numerous concerts.

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