Glen Campbell’s ‘Duets: Ghost on the Canvas Sessions’: An Album Release and Exhibit

Glen Campbell Exhibit and Ghost on the Canvas Release

The Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum recently hosted an evening brimming with nostalgia and celebration for the posthumous release of Glen Campbell’s album, “Duets: Ghost on the Canvas Sessions.” The event, coordinated by Big Machine and Surfdog Records, not only heralded the new album but also introduced the Glen Campbell exhibit—a homage to the […]

Where to Stay in Downtown Nashville

Where To Stay in Nashville

From the Author: I’m the son-in-law of Joe Chambers, the founder of MHFM. I’ve also lived and worked in Nashville for 12+ years. I’m heavily involved with the museum, so when you visit, you might find me giving the odd tour or helping out wherever possible. If you have any questions, I respond quickly to comments. […]

Why Did Jimi Hendrix Play His Guitar Upside Down

Why Did Jimi Hendrix Play His Guitar Upside Down

Jimi Hendrix is one of the most unique musicians in American history. His ferocious and fuzz-driven tone innovated the electric guitar and rock music approach. Born James Allen Hendrix, “Jimi” grew up in Seattle. His parents changed his middle name to Marshall in a twist of ironic fate (Jimi Hendrix famously played through Marshall amplifiers […]

Remembering Don Everly: A Tribute to an American Music Legend

Don Everly

It’s with great sadness that we announce that we lost an American music Icon today. Don Everly, and brother Phil changed the face of modern music with their angelic harmonies and songwriting. They influenced everyone from The Beach Boys to The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. We here at the Musicians Hall Of Fame were […]

Black History Month At The Musicians Hall Of Fame and Museum

Black History Month Musicians Hall of Fame (1)

In honor of Black History Month, the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum would like to honor and highlight a handful of the countless significant and influential accomplishments of African Americans in the world of popular music. From the revolutionary Fisk Jubilee Singers, to the creation of the Four on the Floor Disco beat by […]

5 Nashville Attractions To Enjoy with The Kids

5 Nashville Attractions To Enjoy with The Kids

Best Nashville Attractions for Families Traveling to Music City with the family? There are a variety of family-friendly Nashville attractions the kids can enjoy as well. The great thing about visiting Nashville is that there’s truly something for everyone, including music lovers, history buffs, sports fans, and nature lovers. If you’re planning a trip to […]

50 Facts about Woodstock

50 Facts about Woodstock

Besides being the biggest event in music history, Woodstock is also the source of quite a few great stories and folk tales that have been passed down through generations since 1969. While there are a few rumors we can’t verify, Woodstock does have its fair share of fun facts. Here are 50 of our favorites: […]

4 of the Most Iconic Woodstock Artists You Should Know

Woodstock Art

Whether you’re a product of the ‘60s or a proud member of Generation Z, chances are you’re familiar with Woodstock. There’s no denying the power music can have, and when you bring some of history’s most incredible artists together for one event, well it’s no wonder we’re still talking about it today. 50 Facts about […]

Best Woodstock Performances: 5 Legendary 1969 Woodstock Performances We’ll Never Forget

5 Most Memorable Woodstock Performances Fifty years later, Woodstock is still remembered as the most iconic music festival in history, and for good reason. Even today’s most popular music festivals like Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Lollapalooza can’t hold a candle to the chance to see Jimi Hendrix, Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR), Carlos Santana, Joan Baez, Sweetwater […]

may 15-18, 2024

John Lennon's guitar on display at the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum

For the first time in America, only on display May 15-18.