Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum

“Come See What You’ve Heard”™

Open: Monday – Saturday 10am – 5:00pm

Phone: (615) 244-3263

401 Gay Street Nashville TN 37219

Last Museum Tour starts at 4 pm.

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Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum

“Come See What You’ve Heard”™

Open: Monday – Saturday 10am – 5:00pm

Phone: (615) 244-3263

401 Gay Street Nashville TN 37219

Last Museum Tour starts at 4 pm.

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

Welcome to the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. We are located in the Historic Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

The Musicians Hall of Fame is a premiere Nashville attraction and the one and only museum in the world that honors the talented musicians who actually played on the greatest recordings of all time. Some like Jimi Hendrix are well known, while others like L.A session drummer Hal Blaine are not as well known to the public, but have played on hundreds of hit records from Elvis, Frank and Nancy Sinatra,The Byrds, The Mamas and The Papas and The Beach Boys, just to name a very few. The Musicians Hall Of Fame And Museum has on exhibit the very instruments that these musicians used to record many of these classic hits.

New Interview with Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum founder Joe Chambers by The Sessions Artist Series.

Joe has preserved musicians legacies & history at The Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum for the world to see. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix and the need to know & share the various genres and influences of music. The Sessions Panel & our Artist Series interviews with Dom Famularo share music industry knowledge to musicians worldwide!!

The panel events include Entertainment Law, Marketing, Networking, Artist Relations & Motivational skills and experiences from professionals and experts who have been “on the road” and are successful in the industry. The interviews share tips, exclusive background information from Artists in the music industry and the importance of knowing music history.

History of The Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum

Joe Chambers worked for music publishers in Nashville and became a successful songwriter. Joe wrote tunes recorded by Johnny Paycheck and Ricky Van Shelton, and was encouraged along the way by the likes of Conway Twitty and Billy Sherrill. Joe also recognized that the session players in the studio were true artists but were often overlooked as the great craftsman (and women) that they really were.

When Joe had the opportunity to recognize these talented studio musicians, he worked long and hard to open the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in downtown Nashville. As he dreamed it would, the museum honors the talented musicians who played on the thousands of hit recordings!

The museum is located at the famous Municipal Auditorium and includes displays that highlights such recording studios as those that created the Motown and Muscle Shoals sound as well as the Nashville Sound, which was largely credited to the studio musicians known as the A Team. And yes, Joe inducted the A Team at his very first ceremony back in 2006.

Located in The Heart of Downtown Music City

The Musicians Hall Of Fame and Museum is now open in the heart of downtown Nashville TN. Those of you who previously visited the museum will know that there is something of interest for everyone. From Hendrix to Hank and L.A to Motown.

"Best museum experience ever!!" From the moment we entered to the moment we left, fabulous. The interactive exhibits were wonderful, as were the film clips - just everything. We even had the opportunity to meet Duane Eddy, who could not have been more gracious. This museum should be part of everyone's Nashville experience.

        @LisaW, Bristol

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There are many exciting things to do in Nashville, but here you can pull back the curtain of the music industry. The Museum will constantly be adding new exhibits for you to enjoy from all genres of music . The museum is divided into cities that have a history of recorded music . Cities like Detroit, Nashville , Muscle Shoals , L.A , Memphis and N.Y. All of these places had musicians who were there when the recording industry was evolving and were able to play whatever was needed of them regardless of style . They had nick names like The Swampers, The A TEAM, The Memphis Boys , The FUNK BROTHERS, and The WRECKING CREW . Some of these studio bands actually became hit bands themselves likeBooker T and The M.G’s and TOTO . During the late 50′s , through the mid 80′s , these groups of studio musicians played on eighty to ninety percent of all the records recorded in these music centers.

"Spent more time than expected because it was fascinating!" This museum is for all musicians and it was so interesting. We spent about 90 minutes longer than the 2 hours they recommend. I would make sure to add this to your list!!

       Amy, New Jersey


The GRAMMY Museum Gallery at Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum is an interactive facility for Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum visitors. It allows guests to explore the history of the GRAMMY Awards®, and gives all ages the opportunity to be onstage and interact with every aspect of the recording process.

"The GRAMMY Museum Gallery is very entertaining and interactive” "We learned a lot and had fun. Each stage is hands on and informative. We needed more than 2 hours there. Staff was great, parking is close by." Amanda, GRAMMY Museum Gallery at Musicians Hall of Fame visitor

For more information about the GRAMMY Museum Gallery glad we visited this wonderful museum. It was full of fascinating information and interactive things to do. Our whole family was singing, playing instruments,producing, etc. It was so interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes and to acknowledge the incredible talent playing behind the stars. This a must see in Nashville!

Maureen R
Trip Advisor

2016 Inductees

"This year’s class included Garth Brooks and his longtime studio band, “The G Men,” bluegrass great Ricky Skaggs, Eagles guitarist Don Felder, late country giant Jerry Reed and soul/funk architects Sigma Sound Studio Rhythm Section." - The Tennessean Click here for list of 2016 Inductees Including Photos and Videos from Award Show

2014 Inductees

Nominations are made by current members of the American Federation of Musicians. The Musicians Hall of Fame also solicits nominations from music industry professionals and icons such as producers, engineers, songwriters, singers, historians, etc. Once nominated, these individuals will remain in the nomination pool for induction consideration.

Click here for list of 2014 Inductees Including Photos and Videos from Award Show

“A Musician's Walk Down History”

My wife and I enjoyed this trip down history! As Musician's ourselves, we love all types of music and to see it evolve was awesome... The Hall of Fame captured the true essence of our history. Definitely a must see! One of our favorite parts was the history in making even the awards to be given out to the artists, something we'd never given much thought to, but was such an art form and heritage passed on through time. Quite impressive!

Well done Musician's Hall of Fame!

Michael W.

We are proud of our professional, thorough and knowledgeable staff who are at hand to make your event a memorable one. By having your next event at the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum you can be sure that you will be looked after by our attentive and detail oriented staff. Your guests will love this true Nashville experience, steeped in music history both past and present, it is like no other place in Nashville. Our space is a world class, versatile and unique venue that is fully equipped to accommodate anywhere from 50 to 2,000 people. Click here to make an inquiry online or call 615-244-3263

"Ya like music...GO!” This is perhaps my favorite music museum that I have ever been in (and I've been in a lot). It's not about the stars its about the players .. the Wrecking Crew (LA), Nashville cats, Funk bros (Motown) , Stax (Booker T, Stevie Cropper, Duck, Al)...and more....don't think twice, GO!

       John, San Diego

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