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Visit the award winning Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum & The GRAMMY Museum Gallery ® included in the price.


  Ticket price includes an all day visit.  That means you can come and go as please.  Spend the morning then grab lunch and come back in the afternoon ! ** Ticket price does not include occasional, special travelling exhibits.  There are rare occasions that we are closed for special events or maintenance, please check the website or Facebook on the day you plan on coming. ** For more information about hotels, parking or directions, please visit our Museum information page by clicking here.      

Rock ‘n Roll History

If you are into music history and gear, this is a do not miss attraction. The place is filled with the instruments, the recording equipment and memorabilia that were behind the American music we love and the people that created it. Bonus: while we were there, we met, and got a personal briefing from the museum’s enthusiastic and knowledgeable curator, Jay McDowell. Victor East - California

Off Broadway Gem

This was so much fun! Excellent collection of vintage recording equipment, instruments and paraphernalia. Lots of interactive exhibits, including karaoke with Ray Charles and playable music/recording equipment of all kinds. So much fun to learn about the people behind the front men. Amazing how a handful of truly talented pickers helped make so many household names be successful. Worth every penny! Christian M.

A lot of Memorabilia

This is a must see when you’re in the area. It has a lot of memorabilia. They also have rooms that you can record your own song. They have stations set up where you can play the drums and mix music, which my son really enjoyed. Michelle S - West Virginia

Worth the Time & Money!

Excellent experience. Personal and courtesy staff. They allow you to play musical instruments. It was an amazing time! Well worth the time and money when visiting Nashville. Hardy P - Altha, Florida