The Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, located on the first floor of the Historic Nashville Municipal Auditorium, is partnering with the SAE Institute Nashville to bring students from the school’s music business program into the museum to foster education of music history. The first group of students toured the Music City attraction on April 9, 2014. This will be a program happening each semester.
“It’s important to understand the history of any industry, no matter what it is. But it’s particularly important in the music industry when there is so much focus on a musician’s inspiration and influence,” said Joe Chambers, founder of the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum.
The museum will not only provide tours to SAE students on a regular basis, but interns will also be involved in the museum and it’s day-to-day operations.
“SAE is thrilled with every opportunity to enrich our students’ educational experiences. The Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum is a terrific organization with a wealth of artifacts and multimedia experiences which during our tour added tangible value to our already robust curriculum,” said Jonathan Parrish, SAE’s Marketing Coordinator.
The Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum honors session musicians of many different genres of music. On display are instruments from musical greats such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Jimi Hendrix. Also honored are the studio musicians who played on 80 to 90 percent of the most legendary recordings of all time. SAE Institute Nashville is a post-secondary creative media school located on Music Row. Offering Associate Degrees and Diploma Programs in both Music Business and Audio Technology, SAE prepares students for vibrant careers in the creative media industry with top of the line audio industry gear, award winning faculty, and a cutting edge curriculum.
“We’re excited to be partnering with a reputable institution such as SAE. An appreciation for music history is essential for aspiring music professionals, so we’re looking forward to this partnership,” Chambers said.