Chet Flippo started his music journalism career at Rolling Stone. He helped bring country music to the rock-n-roll mainstream.

Paul Scanlon was Flippo’s managing editor in those days. He said that while Flippo was a versatile music writer, he was most passionate about country music’s convergence with rock. “He was the only person paying attention to county at first,” said Scanlon. “His first cover story was on (Texas country-rocker) Doug Sahm, and in 1973, he wrote a story called Country Music: The Rock and Roll Influence.’”

Flippo was, most recently, the editorial director at CMT and He died June 19th. He was 69.

Flippo’s wife, Martha, died in December, and by all accounts, he never recovered from the loss.

Chet followed The Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum from the start and was a champion of the great musicians,producers, engineers,arrangers and others who contributed to the making of music of all genres..